welcome to the xo docs

exofrills - when nano is too much

Have you ever been frustrated that your text editor wasn’t doing what you wanted? Angered that you can’t remember...

  • ...how to find help?
  • ...what :wq means?
  • ...any of the little lisper that you read as an undergrad?

A small, brave world awaits!

brutally lightweight

The exofrills (xo, pronounced ‘ex-oh’) text editor is designed to just provide the features that you need to program effectively and nothing else. It is ridiculously lightweight and only relies on Python 3, urwid, and pygments.

Current Features:

  • Less than 850 lines of code in a single file!
  • Syntax highlighting!
  • Regular expression matching and replacing!
  • Search history caching!
  • WTFPL licensed!
  • Fully customizable!
  • Start at non-origin locations!
  • Hop between words on a line!
  • Jump to anywhere in the file!
  • Whole file insertion!
  • Beginner friendly - maybe you are new to words!
  • Copy and paste text!
  • Line and column status!
  • Only one row of non-text editing space!
  • Both saving & loading!

If you ask for more features I will probably say no! Just fork xo yourself.

Writing text editors is not hard! Make one your own today.

exofrills now has 50% less characters in its name than other industry leaders!

vi 2 vim 3 nano 4 pico 4
xo 2 cat 3 less 4 emacs 5

get xo

Install from the cheeese shop with pip or easy_install:

$ pip install exofrills
$ easy_install exofrills

Fork xo from github:

$ git clone https://github.com/scopatz/xo.git

key commands

esc:get help
ctrl + o:save file (write-out)
ctrl + x:exit (does not save)
meta + s:select pygments style
ctrl + f:insert file at current position
ctrl + y:go to line & column (yalla, let’s bounce)
ctrl + k:cuts the current line to the clipboard
ctrl + u:pastes the clipboard to the current line
ctrl + t:clears the clipboard (these spell K-U-T)
ctrl + w:set regular expression and jump to first match
meta + w:jump to next match of current regular expression
ctrl + r:set substitution for regular expression and replace first match
meta + r:replace next match of current regular expression

~xo <A3